8:30 Uhr


9:00 Uhr

Welcome by the organizers and partners of the Retail Innovation Congress 2018

9:10 Uhr

Motivational Speach: focusing by objectives

9:40 Uhr

Connecting the stationary retail space with digital offerings

10:10 Uhr

Panel: Analytics in Stores & Location Based Marketing

11:10 Uhr

Cases: digital campaigns for retailers

12:15 Uhr

Lunch and Networking

13:00 Uhr

Digitization in the Trade & Why we love stories and what has all this to do with our customers?

14:30 Uhr

Proof of Concept (PoC) - but now right

15:30 Uhr

Global Retail Trends: Top 30 Solutions & Technologies in Use, marketing automation that is well received by the customer.

16:30 Uhr

Live Testing & Retail-Tour by LOC-Place

  • Station 1: LIVE Tour visiting the Outlet-Center
  • Station 2: LOC-Place Headquarters Showrooms - Meet Scansation
  • Station 3: Workshop "Droidmarketing Marketing Automation"

ab 19:00 Uhr

Summer party


Mobile Self-Scanning with Smartphone

Get to know Scansation live today and learn how you can learn more about your customers!

We provide a Mobile Self-Scanning solution that you may get to run within seconds in your shop. You can use your existing checkouts. Experience how Self-Scanning by Scansation generates valueable data to better know your anonymous customers.


Install also the Scansation app used by your customers for shopping.

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LOC Place

The LOC Place GmbH operates one of the largest live installations for innovation in trade since, 2014. The knowledge and experience gained here the shares LOC Knowledge with you in workshops and conducted live tour. The LOC experts individually to the specific needs of their respective companies.

Due to the success of the 2014 launched Partner Days has become the LOC Place GmbH - the knowledge and innovation center for Location technology and service of the Location Based Marketing Association eV (LBMA) - decided also in 2018 these days with a congressional component directly in Parndorf Fashion implement Outlet. The digitization of the stationary retail space stands in focus. In close partnership with the organizers of the LOCA Conference of Retail Innovation Congress provides a detailed insight into the changes in the trade.